B.R.I.T.E. B.R.A.T.S. Books Public Performance Rights

Use the below link to read about Public Performance Rights.

Public Performance Rights for all B.R.I.T.E. B.R.A.T.S. books are available for purchase here on this website in the form of books and downloads.
Public Performance Rights should be purchased by such entities as follows:

SCHOOLS, LIBRARIES, ORGANIZATIONS and other entities interested in using our video and/or audio books for public presentation or entertainment in accordance with United States copyright law.

Public Performance Rights for B.R.I.T.E. .B.R.A.T.S. video books and audio downloads are as follows:

$124.00 dollars each for downloads of video books and/or audio books, including the cost of the file.

To purchase your Public Performance Rights for the B.R.I.T.E. B.R.A.T.S. video books and/or audio books click the links below.

Feel free to contact us at britebrats7@gmail.com if you have any questions.