“There are two things I really love; one is writing, and the other is helping children to understand life and their ability to succeed in it,” says Glenn Towery. “Writing these books allowed me to share many of the things that I have learned while working with children in a professional capacity over the years. Each of these books addresses a situation that children are certain to encounter and may have to deal with while growing up.”

Glenn is a graduate of Columbia College Hollywood where he graduated valedictorian in 1997 with a degree in cinema and television broadcast production. In 2021, Towery, an award winning writer, won first place at the Festigious Film Festival held in Los Angeles in the Sci-Fi category for his feature screenplay, “Starfunk and the Astral Pioneers.” Towery is also a clock artist who has exhibited his works at multiple galleries and venues. Glenn is also a Vietnam combat veteran who served in the United States Navy.

Not only does Glenn have a long history of writing and working with children, he was also a single parent to his son, Keith. He spent nearly 20 years working with at-risk youth in Los Angeles, California. For 8 years, he worked as a Residential Counselor at a Residential Treatment Facility in Altadena, California for children where he counseled and assisted children to be able to overcome trauma and mental health issues.

In 2003, Glenn came up with the idea for the BRITE BRATS Children’s Books while talking with his wife, Juanita, about the shocking language used by some of the children they worked with. Between the two of them, he wrote “Good Words, Bad Word…Don’t Say That!” and Juanita developed the characters and illustrations for the book. “Never Again Will We Bathe!” was written in 2010 and “Jamal Has A Bully!” was written in 2011. All three books were published by Fairy GodBrother Productions and FilmCompany, LLC in 2022 and are now available to the public. “I hope that you will buy our BRITE BRATS books. They are intended to promote conversation and discussion between parents, teachers, adults and children on relevant social issues, while at the same time being fun and entertaining for children.”

Juanita Cole Towery


Juanita Cole Towery is an Austin, Texas-based artist. She is a wonderfully diverse artist who uses various mediums to produce vibrant colors on multiple surfaces creating images to capture the imagination of its viewers. A self-taught artist, Juanita has been painting professionally for more than 35 years and was formerly published as Juanita Cole Howard when she resided in Houston, Texas.

Without locking herself into any particular style of painting, Juanita refers to her style of art as "Abstract Nita-ism," where realism and the abstract co-exist in perfect harmony. She also considers herself a 'zone artist' in that she doesn't paint daily. However, when she's in the 'zone', she produces a whole new body of work that may include 10 to 12 pieces, completely different from her last creations. A gallery exhibit of her art makes the viewer feel as if they're looking at the works of multiple artists.

Juanita's works have been exhibited in several Houston, Los Angeles, and Austin art galleries, Southern University New Orleans Gallery and several venues. Since her move back to Texas, Juanita has exhibited at The Old Bakery & Emporium Gallery, Link and Pen Gallery, the Carver Museum, Round Rock Arts Gallery, AVAA exhibits, The Field of Honor Avafest Art Exhibit in Georgetown, TX and AVAFEST Art Exhibits in Austin and surrounding areas.

Juanita and husband, Glenn Towery, created and published a 3-book series of BRITE BRATS Children's Books entitled "Good Words, Bad Words...Don't Say That!”, "Never Again Will We Bathe!" and "Jamal Has A Bully!" BRITE BRATS is an acronym for (Being Respectful In Today's Environment Brings Real Achievement Towards Success) feature four multicultural friends, Jamal, Kako, Mitch and Maria, who tackle life's social issues from a child's point of view and through their adventures find solutions to their challenges. The project has been a labor of LOVE for the couple. Glenn, the author, wrote the stories, and Juanita, the artist, created the characters and illustrated all three BRITE BRATS books.