History of the Brite Brats

The very first Brite brats

One special Saturday morning, Glenn and Juanita, who both worked at a Residential Treatment Facility for children, were talking about the challenges they had experienced that week and the unbelievable language used by some of their clients. Many who worked were often shocked by the negative words and profanity used by some of the children towards peers and staff during emotional outbursts. Glenn said to Juanita, “I’m thinking about writing a book to share with our children about the power of words and how they should be used to communicate positively, not as weapons to hurt others.” It was at that moment that the idea for creating the very first BRITE BRATS book was born. As Glenn and Juanita talked about it, they created the names of four multicultural children who were best friends forever and called them the BRITE BRATS, an acronym for "Being Respectful In Today's Environment, Brings Real Achievement Towards Success." The BRITE BRATS were named MARIA, JAMAL, MITCH and KAKO who are representative of four cultures, Hispanic, Black, Caucasian and Asian.

Glenn Towery is an established writer of theatrical plays and screenplays and authored all three books. Together, they decided to combine their talents to create their very first book in 2003, "GOOD WORDS, BAD WORDS, ...DON'T SAY THAT!" Glenn wrote the stories in poetic prose because he believed that it would make the books more fun for children to read. Juanita created the main characters for that first book along with illustrations to support Glenn’s story, as well as for subsequent books. Juanita also created a cast of other characters to be used in the BRITE BRATS series.

So, from the very beginning, the idea for the creation of our BRITE BRATS books was to message to children that the words we use matter, whether positive or negative. We wanted to stress to always be mindful of the words we use and hope that the message in “Good Words, Bad Words…Don’t Say That!” does just that. As a matter of fact, we like to say that this book is good for ages 1- 99!

After a publishing company told Glenn he needed at least three books to be considered seriously as a children’s book author while promoting “Good Words, Bad Words…Don’t Say That!”, Glenn became motivated to write the next BRITE BRATS book,”NEVER AGAIN WILL WE BATHE!” in 2010. Glenn decided to write the story because bath time at the facility where he worked was always filled with drama, and he remembered that he, too, had issues at bath time as a child. A children’s book titled “PANCHO THE DIRTY ONE” helped him get over his bath time anxiety. So it was natural that he would write this book in the hopes that it would have the same positive affect on other children.

After Glenn retired in 2011, he decided to write another story that may be more important than any of the others. Bullying is a problem everywhere in almost every school in the country. It was especially problematic at the facility where he worked. Naturally, the very next book Glenn wrote was “JAMAL HAS A BULLY!” He wrote it because he observed that many children just don’t know what to do if they are being bullied. This story teaches children what they can do to stop their bully from making their lives miserable. Juanita did a brilliant job illustrating this book, as well as the others, all while battling and beating breast cancer. The illustrations are dramatic, but evoke laughter as well.

In addition to the BRITE BRATS books, Glenn has created songs and videos for each of the BRITE BRATS books. Glenn has a degree in filmmaking and loves to write music. In 2011, he came up with the idea of a theme song for the BRITE BRATS, but it was Juanita that helped him come up with the tune for the lyrics to the BRITE BRATS song, “WE ARE THE BRITE BRATS.” The music for the song was created by Glenn, and we hired the choir director of the Los Angeles Children’s Choir in 2011 to select some of her students to record the song in a professional studio. Glenn also wrote two more BRITE BRATS songs from which he created music videos that are on the website. They include “JAMAL HAS A BULLY!” and “a sing-a-long video for “NEVER AGAIN WILL WE BATHE!”

In 2022, 19 years after the creation of our first BRITE BRATS book, Glenn and Juanita were finally able to publish their books under their own publishing company, Fairy GodBrother Productions & Film Company, LLC. This has been a labor of love, and we are so excited that they are finally available to the public! In addition to our website, BRITE BRATS books are also available for purchase on AMAZON.com

The Very First BRITE BRATS


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where we attended on March 14, 2023 and shared our books with the students and staff.