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game description

HexBlitz is a fast-paced puzzle game. You'll have to think fast and move even faster if you want to beat the blitz. Hex Blitz will challenge your fundamental notions about space and time as you rush to fit the jagged edges of disparate hexes into the appropriately slotted puzzle holes. You'll have a limited amount of time to figure out the most optimal way to arrange and re-arrange the available hex tiles into the correct shapes. Hex Blitz is a colorful twist on most of your favorite tile-laying and tile-placement games. We've all placed square-shaped tiles before, sure, who hasn't? It's boring, easy peasy work for boring easy peasy people. The truest test of any puzzle practitioner is the way they deal with Hexes and how fast they can do it. This is the ultimate hex test, the only way to blitz and the hardest way to win. Don't be scared of the hex, the hex wants you to play and the hex wants you to win but the hex isn't just going to hand you a victory. You'll have to learn it, you'll have to clutch victory from the neon jaws of failure with every click, drag, and placement of a tile in this lightning-fast puzzle experience.