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Jewelish Blitz

game description

Jewelish Blitz is a match-three game. Pattern recognition is more than a fun hobby, it is a life skill that needs to be trained and sharpened like any other talent. In Jewelish Blitz you will put your skills to the test as you take on the toughest Jewels around: Blitzing Jewels. Jewelish Blitz is a timed game which means you'll have to think fast and move even faster. Look for the patterns, find the connections, flip the jewels and be victorious. The longer you last the harder it gets, the harder it gets, the more fulfilling it is to play. Jewelish Blitz is a match-three game that rewards repeat plays, multiple plays, and extended gaming sessions. As you play you will get. feel for the game and begin to see combos and patterns two, three, and even four steps ahead. The Blitz in Jewelish Blitz is all about speed. Can you be faster than the game? Can you beat your own score? Can you match your way to the top of our leaderboards? We'd like to see you try. Literally. Please, be our guest.