“NEVER AGAIN WILL WE BATHE!” a B.R.I.T.E. B.R.A.T.S. adventure

Hardcover Children’s Book



There is lots of fun to be had in the story “Never Again Will We Bathe!”. The B.R.I.T.E. B.R.A.T.S., Mitch, Maria, Jamal & Kako, while playing at Kako’s house, become very bored. They sit down and relax under Kako’s old tree in her backyard and begin to discuss whether it’s better to be clean or dirty and whether the nightly regimen of bathing and getting clean is even worth the hassle.

We find out what happens when the unexpected occurs and the B.R.I.T.E. B.R.A.T.S. become filthy dirty while playing and having fun in Kako’s backyard! There is a definite moral to this story that reinforces the importance of personal hygiene for children of all ages. This book also comes with a song and video. The book and the song can be lots of fun for both children and adults as they can sing along with the video and enjoy this adventure together. B.R.I.T.E. B.R.A.T.S. is an acronym for “Being Respectful in Today’s Environment, Brings Real Achievement Towards Success.” The group consists of four multicultural friends named Jamal, Kako, Mitch, and Maria who share life experiences from a child’s point of view.


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“NEVER AGAIN WILL WE BATHE!” a B.R.I.T.E. B.R.A.T.S. adventure

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